Weedsport, New York

This Web Site has been dormant for quite some time, but recent events have prompted me to write about
the Life and times of living at Kenyon Landing Mobile Home Community
(formerly known as Green Acres Trailer Park) for 20 years.

There was good times...and bad times... Lots of hilarious and colorful neighbors, weird people
empty promises, and everything in between.

It was not a terrible place to live, needless to say, our children have some of their fondest childhood memories
while living at The Park as everyone called it, then and now.

So in the coming days or weeks, however long it takes to do this it should turn out to be an epic tale to say the least.

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  • New York State Manufactured Homes Park Program
  • New York State Manufactured Home Tenant's Rights YES we DO have RIGHTS
  • (you need the Adobe Reader for .pdf files.)
  • Looking for help with mobile home repairs? This is a good place to start, MobileHome repair.
  • Lot's of usefull tips, howto's and links for other stuff.

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    Disclaimer: This is a Private Web Site, we are not affiliated with the owner's / management of Kenyonlanding, other than being tenants there for the last 20 yrs.
    Everything stated in these pages is True and based on real life experiences. You couldn't make this shit up!
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